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Why Security is Necessary at Construction Sites

Without a question, one of the settings that presents the greatest security challenges is a construction site. Construction sites, in contrast, are a virtual free-for-all, with multiple points of entry and exit and various contractors and subcontractors coming and going at different times throughout the day. This is in contrast to the four walls of a fully completed structure, where workers and visitors can be closely monitored and funneled through designated entrances and exits.

A typical assortment of highly sought-after and readily marketable items may also be found at construction sites, including heavy equipment, power tools, and commodities like copper and timber that have seen skyrocketing prices due to the COVID-19 supply chain issue. In reality, the National Equipment Register and National Insurance Crime Bureau’s most recent Equipment Theft Report estimates that the entire value of stolen equipment in the United States in 2016 was close to $300 million.


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