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Retail & Loss Prevention Security Solutions in Perth, WA

Enhancing Retail Security and Loss Prevention

Understanding the Importance of Retail Security

Retail establishments face various security risks, including shoplifting, employee theft, and organized crime. A strong retail security strategy is crucial to reduce losses, maintain a safe shopping environment, and protect the business’s reputation. Velocity Group Services recognizes the critical importance of retail security and provides specialized services to address these challenges.

Improving Safety and Profitability with Velocity Group Services

In the dynamic Australian retail landscape, security plays a vital role in protecting businesses and enhancing customer confidence. Velocity Group Services, a leading security provider, specializes in delivering comprehensive retail security solutions tailored to the specific needs of each establishment.


Retailers are constantly battling against theft and shrinkage. Velocity Group Services understands this challenge and crafts personalized loss prevention strategies to fortify every retail establishment. Our trained security personnel excel in spotting suspicious activities, surveilling high-risk zones, and discreetly and lawfully apprehending shoplifters, ensuring your peace of mind.

Ensuring Safety for Customers and Employees

A safe shopping environment is essential for customer satisfaction. Velocity Group Services prioritizes customer and employee safety, providing a secure atmosphere that enhances the shopping experience. Our personnel are trained in conflict resolution, ensuring incidents are managed smoothly.

Proactive Surveillance and Investigation

Velocity Group Services excels in retail surveillance and investigations. Our teams are adept at identifying theft patterns, collecting evidence, and assisting law enforcement. This proactive approach serves as a strong deterrent against potential criminals.

Client’s Feedback

We are always happy to hear the gratitude with which our customers have regarded us as in the past. VGS aims to provide the same and even better solutions in the coming days.
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I highly recommend VGS. They are highly energetic young individuals who always get the job done.

Danial Parker doctor

If you are looking for someone who can takeover all your security needs, there is no one better than VGS in WA.

Marina James Engineer

I usually don't highly speak highly of people but the professional displayed by VGS is commendable.

Jameson Peter Physicist
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