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Construction Security Services in Perth, WA

Construction & Building Sites Security

Protecting Projects and Assets with VGS

In the dynamic construction industry, security is paramount to safeguard valuable assets, ensure project continuity, and prioritize worker safety. Velocity Group Services (VGS), a leading security provider, specializes in delivering tailored construction security solutions to meet the unique needs of construction sites nationwide.

The Role of Construction Security

Construction sites are prone to various security risks, including theft, vandalism, trespassing, and safety hazards. Effective construction security is crucial to mitigate these risks, prevent potential financial losses, and avoid project delays. VGS understands the critical importance of robust construction security and offers specialized services to address these challenges.

Construction sites are home to expensive equipment, tools, and materials. VGS employs vigilant security measures to protect these valuable assets. Their security personnel conduct regular patrols, monitor access points, and utilize advanced surveillance technology to deter theft and unauthorized entry effectively.


Safety and Hazard Mitigation

Safety is paramount on construction sites, where potential hazards abound. VGS focuses on hazard identification and prevention, ensuring strict adherence to safety protocols. Our personnel are trained to respond promptly to emergencies and manage incidents effectively, safeguarding workers and visitors.

Access Control and Site Monitoring

VGS implements access control measures to regulate entry and exit points on construction sites. Using advanced technology and manned access points, we ensure only authorized personnel access designated areas, minimizing theft risk and ensuring a controlled environment. VGS conducts thorough risk assessments to identify vulnerabilities and design tailored security plans, maximizing protection while optimizing cost-efficiency.

Client’s Feedback

We are always happy to hear the gratitude with which our customers have regarded us as in the past. VGS aims to provide the same and even better solutions in the coming days.
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I highly recommend VGS. They are highly energetic young individuals who always get the job done.

Danial Parker doctor

If you are looking for someone who can takeover all your security needs, there is no one better than VGS in WA.

Marina James Engineer

I usually don't highly speak highly of people but the professional displayed by VGS is commendable.

Jameson Peter Physicist
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