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Centralized Control Room Operations in Perth, WA

Streamlined Control Room Operations

Boost Your Security with Velocity Group Services

Velocity Group Services specializes in comprehensive control room operations, offering critical oversight, coordination, and rapid response capabilities. As a leading security provider, we excel in safeguarding properties, assets, and people with our innovative security solutions.

Elevating Security with Control Room Excellence

Control rooms are vital in security, gathering and analyzing real-time data for proactive surveillance and quick incident response. Velocity Group Services specializes in ensuring effective communication and rapid response during security events, making us the ideal choice for your security needs.


Velocity Group Services’ expertly trained security team ensures swift and intelligent incident responses. Our real-time assessment capabilities enable quick decision-making and efficient deployment of on-ground personnel as needed. Trust us for prompt and effective security solutions.


Continuous Monitoring & Early Threat Detection

Velocity Group Services’ control room operations maintain vigilant oversight, monitoring CCTV cameras, access control systems, alarms, and other security technologies. This continuous monitoring enables early detection of potential threats, ensuring swift and precise response measures.

Efficient Communication & Coordinated Response

Effective communication is vital in security operations. VGS’s control room serves as a central point for coordinating communication between security staff, clients, emergency services, and other stakeholders. This ensures a well-coordinated response to any security-related event, enhancing overall security measures.

Client’s Feedback

We are always happy to hear the gratitude with which our customers have regarded us as in the past. VGS aims to provide the same and even better solutions in the coming days.
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I highly recommend VGS. They are highly energetic young individuals who always get the job done.

Danial Parker doctor

If you are looking for someone who can takeover all your security needs, there is no one better than VGS in WA.

Marina James Engineer

I usually don't highly speak highly of people but the professional displayed by VGS is commendable.

Jameson Peter Physicist
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